Vision - Philippe Smith

All people have the same artistic qualities. The creative activity of the human mind is not one that only applies to artists. An artist is simply more engaged with expression and thus he/she is more agile in this.

True creative activity belongs to the 'free imagination'. There is a difference between free imagination and imitation. If one tries to paint a figure, landscape or object as close in likeness as possible to the image, the object becomes 'imitation' of nature. An artist should mimic 'the way of working' of Nature, not the original natural products. To imitate Nature, no imagination or creativity is needed. If expression is only a technical skill, then art becomes a craft. Then it is a natural product. If you embrace the hidden mystery of Nature, only then will something beautiful and wonderful appear! An artist must be a voice-tube of this creative Nature or Reality! It is the original invention that counts.

True Art is in fact an subconscious exercise in visualizations, an expression. An artist forms 'an image', which previously was not there at all. He tries to transfer this visualizations he forms from his subconscious part of his brain. This brings together the conscious and the subconscious part of his mind. And thus, the artist creates pleasure, enjoyment and fun in his free imagination, which transcends human nature or reality itself. Creative art is an teamwork between Nature and Spirit, between the conscious and subconscious, between freedom and reality. Expression should be an 'open gate' of the free imagination, an expression of enjoyment for life and the true meaning of life from the intangible infinity. The sense and joy that I live. A guide in the direction of a deeper understanding of life. Such expression stimulates self-awareness, the intellectual and moral growth of both, the artist and the spectators, the enjoyers or lovers of the image. That is why it is very necessary that in art the 'emotional life' is carefully checked, controlled and weighed with the utmost care.

Art must be an invitation to change life. Richer, deeper and more meaningful. The operation is then 'profound and durable'. The spectator is involved in a struggle with himself and thus comes to 'insight'. Because "the greatest cultural forceā€ for humanity is Art and insight into his fantasy.

New art must free ourselves from the situation in which we have found ourselves. It must be 'more' than a feeling or experience. It has the duty of making us feel like as if we are experiencing them for the first time. A liberation from our emotional pressure by acquiring new insights. The spontaneous work of the free creative imagination is meaningful and significant! Art then disarms the heart and makes us more empathic, just like music does. An expression of freedom and uninhibited movement. A game of forms or shapes is thus reflected in the free and timeless beauty. This creates order and balance, unity and diversity, interwoven in a harmonious relationship of colors and pleasure. An invention, an Inventio, authentic and original.

Art can thus 'emanate the Book of Nature' and become a Cultural Father & Mother.